President Trump may pardon Muhammad Ali after overturned conviction

  • President Trump may pardon Muhammad Ali after overturned conviction

President Trump may pardon Muhammad Ali after overturned conviction

Trump told reporters Friday that he plans to pardon the late boxer Muhammad Ali, to which Ali's lawyer replied by informing the president that a pardon is "unnecessary".

Trump described Ali as "not very popular" at the time of his refusal to serve in the military during the Vietnam War.

"We appreciate President Trump's sentiment, but a pardon is unnecessary", said Ron Tweel, Ali's lawyer in a statement after Trump's comment. The unanimous decision overturned Ali's 1967 conviction, meaning his application for conscientious objector status should have been granted and he was not a draft dodger.

Trump has also said he is mulling pardons for lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, and Rod Blagojevich, a former IL governor convicted in 2009 of soliciting bribes for political appointments, including former president Barack Obama s vacant US Senate seat.

In addition, President Jimmy Carter pardoned all Vietnam War draft dodgers on January 21, 1977.

Trump has reportedly become increasingly "obsessed" with pardons and enjoys talking about potential pardons with aides, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The existence of the list was reported shortly after Trump pardoned a grandmother serving a life sentence whose cause Kim Kardiahian West had championed. "What I'm going to do is I'm going to say to them, instead of talk, it's all talk talk talk, we have a great country you should stand for your National Anthem, you shouldn't go in a locker room when our National Anthem is played".

Ali passed away in 2016.

Meg Kinnard from the Associated Press announced via Twitter on Friday morning that President Trump said that he may pardon deceased boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

Last week, Trump pardoned conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza.

Since Ali's conviction has been overturned, Trump's pardon would be a symbolic gesture. I m thinking about that seriously.

Ali would be the second boxer that Trump has posthumously pardoned this term.

Johnson's early 20th-century career was destroyed after he was prosecuted and imprisoned on racially motivated charges.

He said that, "it's easier and people find it fascinating" to see him pardon the famous, but that he "would get more thrill out of pardoning people that nobody knows".

Trump told reporters Friday his team is "looking at literally thousands of names" of people who have come to their attention because they've been treated unfairly or their sentences are too long.