LeBron might sign with Rockets, former teammate Bosh says

  • LeBron might sign with Rockets, former teammate Bosh says

LeBron might sign with Rockets, former teammate Bosh says

The Cavaliers not only botched the Kyrie Irving trade previous year, but they also failed to trade their coveted Brooklyn pick for a star that would've helped LeBron in the Finals. Additionally, Clint Capela is a restricted free agent, and the Rockets would like to re-sign the 24-year-old center. To give you an idea how significant such a load is: Philadelphia's Allen Iverson, by comparison, scored and assisted on 47 percent of the 76ers' points entering the 2001 finals - for the team best known in recent playoff history for orbiting around a solitary superstar. Yeah, that's a team that could challenge Golden State.

Bovada released its 2019 futures odds to win the National Basketball Association title on Saturday, and to nobody's surprise, the Golden State Warriors are the overwhelming favorites.

Interestingly, James's all-time finals record against the Warriors now stands at 1-3 and pairing him with Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry would greatly increase the chances of improving his finals slate.

The Cavs won't win a championship this season, and with an aging roster, they won't win another one without a major overhaul.

How long does James have to stretch this series to earn similar consideration?

It's not just fans and media members that sympathize with James, either.

The expectation is that James will do exactly that and test the open market by declining his $35.6 million player option for next season.

"Now you see (general manager Daryl) Morey talking about it with the Rockets, them trying to team up and do whatever they can to become - what'd he say the other day, that he's a 10 of 10 on obsessed with beating the Warriors?" The Cavaliers, to many, looked ready to splinter after they followed up their Game 1 giveaway by fading meekly in Game 2. It's not a given that James will return to Cleveland.