Dead Or Alive 6 Announced, Due Early 2019

  • Dead Or Alive 6 Announced, Due Early 2019

Dead Or Alive 6 Announced, Due Early 2019

One of the most iconic fighting game franchise that's not developed by Capcom or Namco is finally releasing its next installment.

The Dead or Alive franchise received popularity from gamers worldwide because the game featured a large roster of female characters often dressed up in skimpy outfits. From what IGN has said, the game will be running on a completely new game engine, better facial animations, and damage on not just clothes but also the fighters themselves. However, it's not the first Dead or Alive game to be released in the current gaming generation either. New additions such as the Fatal Rush and Break Gauge will provide powerful attacks with simplified commands for novice players. It's coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in early 2019.

It's been three years since Dead or Alive 5: Last Round released back in 2015, so a new entry for the lightning fast fighter is great news all around. They can still be countered and countering either move can lead to a significant advantage.

The reveal trailer showcases some brief snippets of gameplay, with returning characters like Ryu Hayabusa, Jann Lee, Hayate, Zack, Kasumi, and Helena. The series has always been noted for its comical portrayal of its female characters, but all that might change in Dead or Alive 6.

Overall, this looks pretty interesting and you'll tell from the trailer below that the game looks very sharp. Today, Koei Tecmo unveiled Dead or Alive 6 for 2019.