Minnesota Woman's Obituary Goes Viral

  • Minnesota Woman's Obituary Goes Viral

Minnesota Woman's Obituary Goes Viral

"She married Dennis Dehmlow at St. Anne's in Wabasso in 1957 and had two kids Gina and Jay". The pair Wednesday at St. Anne's, a Catholic Church in the heart of the small community, and they had two children, Gina and Jay.

Kathleen Dehmlow was slammed by her children.

The obituary goes on to note that five years later, Kathleen had an affair with her husband's brother, Lyle, and "abandoned" her children in 1962 to move to California with him.

"She deserted her kids, Gina and Jay who have been then raised by her mother and father in Clements, Mr and Mrs Joseph Schunk".

The paid obituary published Monday in the Redwood Falls Gazette announcing the May 31 death of 80-year-old Kathleen Dehmlow gained global attention and has prompted a leading online obituary website to review its standards for what is proper to post about those who can not defend themselves from the grave. With "she will not be missed.this world is a better place without her".

According to her obituary in the Redwood Falls Gazette, she was not a very good person.

The children who penned a scathing obituary following their mother's death have opened up on the abandonment and abuse that prompted them to publish the now viral farewell.

Despite some criticism it was too harsh, 58-year-old Jay Dehmalo and 60-year-old sister Gina have stood by their words, saying people will never understand the pain they endured as children.

Dehmlow's surviving sister, Judy, has told DailyMail.com that her nephew's obituary was "nasty" and had "hurt the family tremendously".

Dehmalo said: "We knew there would be backlash but it really has helped us to finally get the last word".

"We didn't have so much as a card from her", he told the London newspaper.

Both Jay and Gina said given the chance again, they would publish the same obituary.

"Not important?" Dehmalo said to the Daily Mail.

"It helped us [to write this]", Dehmalo said. "We wanted to finally get the last word".

"I've got calls from buddies who've said, "We didn't know she'd left you".

Their mother returned in her last years to Minnesota, after Lyle died in California in 2008, aged 71. It's like we didn't exist...