Donald Trump: Melania Trump 'Can't Fly for One Month'

  • Donald Trump: Melania Trump 'Can't Fly for One Month'

Donald Trump: Melania Trump 'Can't Fly for One Month'

Suspend the search. Melania Trump has been found.

Melania Trump will remain at the White House with her son, Baron, during the president's G7 meetings in Canada and his summit next week with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

And so ends one of the silliest episodes in an already rather silly period in history.

President Donald Trump has added to the intrigue surrounding his wife Melania's recent absence from the public eye following a kidney procedure.

Possibly the silliest of them all was identified by Snopes, the fact checking website, which. She wore a simple black dress, which you can see if you squint real hard at those pics above. Jena Greene, a Gold Star daughter who attended the event with her family, told ABC News the first lady, wearing a black dress and her signature high heels, appeared to be doing well. "Right there!" Trump said while pointing to the White House residence.

In a statement after the president's comments, Grisham stood by her earlier comments. "She can not travel internationally yet, and is doing great", Grisham said. And she's doing great, ' Trump said.

"First lady's great", Trump said.

The details given by the president on Friday also do not match up with the surgical or recovery timeline for a typical embolization procedure with no complications, according to experts.

The first lady's absence from public view began soon after she unveiled her initiative to teach kindness to children, sparking all sorts of theories about where she was, including that she had packed her bags and moved back to the family's Trump Tower penthouse in NY.

"The Fake News Media has been so unfair, and vicious, to my wife and our great First Lady, Melania", he tweeted this week.

Mrs. Trump made her first public appearance in almost a month earlier this week.

Melania, 48, had not been spotted since 10 May, she joined the president in greeting three American hostages released by North Korea.