Here are Official Voter Turnout Numbers in the Ontario Election

  • Here are Official Voter Turnout Numbers in the Ontario Election

Here are Official Voter Turnout Numbers in the Ontario Election

The Progressive Conservative party won a majority government in Ontario on Thursday night, ending more than 15 years of the Liberal party running the province.

The victor -Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives- was quickly projected in the 2018 Ontario election and it's all thanks to technology.

Elections Ontario says it "transformed the voting experience" for electors across the province during the 42nd general election.

Most polling stations opened at 9am and closed at 9pm.

The introduction of technology in the polls allowed media outlets to project a victor under 15 minutes from the time polls closed.

"He (Ford) has made believers of many doubters", said Klees, noting he was concerned that the anti-Ford "rhetoric" might have traction and push voters to the NDP.

The premier-elect threw tradition out the window on election night and was the first leader to make an election night speech.

"My friends, together in 88 short days we achieved the impossible", Ford said. "We take office, we look at where the wins are, where the gains have been". A few months ago, Ford seemed to have it wrapped up. Wynne was re-elected after a tight battle for her riding of Don Valley West, but she did announce her resignation as the leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario.

Ontarians voted with their pocketbooks, emphatically declaring they couldn't af-FORD another leftist government. The win caps off an intense and often vicious campaign that saw the Tories plunge from a cakewalk to a nail biter of a race.

Doug Ford rode a populist wave to power in Ontario on Thursday, capturing a Progressive Conservative majority by harnessing voters' economic anxiety and anger with a scandal-plagued Liberal government.

"We should be immensely proud of the campaign that we've run". She inherited a government already rife with billion-dollar scandals, but under her leadership more fuel was added to the fire, such as rising hydro bills and questionable government spending.

The election campaign was supposed to be a contest that pitted fresh-faced PC leader Patrick Brown against two female leaders in do-or-die campaigns.

The province of Ontario is now a Ford nation. Horwath appeared tantalizingly close to the Ontario premier's office - a prize that proved elusive once again on Thursday for the veteran politician who has led the provincial New Democrats for nearly a decade.

But at her speech in Hamilton, Ont. she said she was "humbled" by voters' decision to give her party Official Opposition status. Ontario forbids the publication of new polls on election day, until voting has wrapped up.

Ford's stronger than expected showing and the Liberals' significant losses to the New Democrats may worry supporters of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's federal Liberal party, up for re-election in 2019.

Former city budget chief Mike Del Grande said he was "gratified" that the province was going in a different direction and he was on board to support and help Ford in any way he can. "I'm hopeful that Mr. Ford understands that we need revenues in our province to pay for the kinds of things that people expect a government to provide".

The governing Liberals, who have been in power for the past 15 years, are fighting for survival following Premier Kathleen Wynne's stunning admission of defeat last week. But he was quick to congratulate Ford on his victory.

"I offer my honest congratulations to the next Premier of Ontario, [Doug Ford], and his team".