Essential announces Hi-Fi headphone module, MQA certification and Tidal partnership

Essential will launch the Audio Adapter HD this summer. Not only does this mean you can listen to high-quality audio, but you can also finally listen to music while the PH-1 charges. In short, MQA lets you digitally store recorded music in a file small enough to download, yet uses a similar bandwidth to that required of CD-quality streams.

Details related to Audio Adapter HD were revealed as part of a broader announcement of Essential's partnerships with MQA and TIDAL. More importantly, Essential announced that all PH-1 owners will have access to thousands of MQA tracks on TIDAL. And, to make it easier for customers to decide whether or not to purchase it, the company is running a deal on the Essential Phone, which is now available for $499 bundled with the Essential high-resolution Earphones.

As for partnership with TIDAL, Essential Phone users will get a three-month subscription of TIDAL HiFi for free.

According to a blog post from Essential, the Audio Adapter HD is machined from titanium, features a high-res ESS Sabre DAC with hardware MQA rendering, and an audiophile-grade amp for use with your high-impedance headphones. The earbuds work over USB Type-C, feature 9.5mm drivers, and typically sell for $99.

This new module attaches to the back of the PH-1 just like the 360-degree camera, but adds a 3.5mm headphone jack.