Almost 20 pounds of plastic found in dead whale's stomach

  • Almost 20 pounds of plastic found in dead whale's stomach

Almost 20 pounds of plastic found in dead whale's stomach

After being found near the Malaysia border, the pilot whale was treated by veterinarians while kept afloat by buoys and protected from harmful solar radiation by umbrellas. When he died in his stomach found eight kilograms of plastic debris.

The whale spit out five plastic bags on Friday and later died, the Marine and Coastal Resources Department said on its website. At least 300 marine animals including pilot whales, sea turtles and dolphins, perish each year in Thai waters after ingesting plastic.

The pilot whale was first found struggling in a canal in southern Thailand's Songkhla province a week ago, according to the Reuters news agency.

Scientists believe that the pilot whale mistakenly identified plastic as food, eating it until full.

Peter Thomson, the U.N. Secretary General's Special Envoy for the Ocean, told CBS News, "there is no quick fix to this huge problem and many processes and methods will be required to correct the wrongs that we have brought upon the ocean with our plastic plague".

Thailand is among the most active consumers of plastic bags.

In May, the Thai government said it was considering introducing a tax on disposable plastic shopping bags or introducing biodegradable alternatives to cut down on plastic waste, according to the Bangkok Post.

As estimated by United Nations experts, the year humanity dumps into the ocean less than eight million tons of plastic. Kenya previous year enacted the world's toughest law against plastic bags.

President Trump's Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs Judith Garber attended the U.N. Environment Assembly a year ago in Kenya, meeting with youth groups on pollution and recycling.

Besides killing marine life, plastic waste clogs waterways, and has been blamed for deadly floods in cities such as Mumbai to Manila. "Perhaps this [whale's death] will make people care more". "We have no idea how many animals aren't showing up on a beach", Asmutis-Silvia said.