Yellow lab gives birth to eight puppies

  • Yellow lab gives birth to eight puppies

Yellow lab gives birth to eight puppies

This is not something you expect to see when going to the airport.

While traveling through the concourse on the way to catch a flight to Philadelphia, a passenger's service dog unexpectedly went into labor.

Ellie - short for Eleanor Rigby - gave birth to seven boys and one girl.

The father, Nugget, was also there for the big event.

Ellie and her owner were on the way to Philadelphia. but the puppies had other ideas.

The owner of the service dog Paramedic Larry Glanton an unidentified woman and Lt Natalie Brown smile for the camera after Ellie delivered all eight of the pups

Van Atter said she has mobility and pain issues, Nipps said, and the dogs were service dogs, though Eleanor Rigby was still in training.

According to Tampa Fire Rescue, a traveler's service dog started delivering the puppies around 1 p.m. Firefighters were called to the airport to help with the birth.

Dogs are normally pregnant for around 65 days.

Van Atter's stepmother, Karen James of Bradenton, said they planned to get some rest and figure out how to drive the new litter back to Philadelphia.

It was hard to control the father of the puppies during the delivery.