Service for exchange student killed in Santa Fe school shooting

  • Service for exchange student killed in Santa Fe school shooting

Service for exchange student killed in Santa Fe school shooting

President of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, M. J. Khan, encouraged young people to let their voices be heard and to stand in solidarity like the Parkland High School shooting victims in Florida.

Sabika, 17, was among eight students and two teachers who were killed when a 17-year-old shooter identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis opened fire with a shotgun and a handgun before surrendering to police. He was arrested and is being held on murder charges.

Sabika Sheikh, a resident of Karachi, was part of the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) programme.

Sabika had two US host families.

Sabika's father said the family expect to receive the body of his daughter by Tuesday and will announce funeral details shortly afterward.

"We did not have children".

"We loved her and she loved us".

"The other night we were going to our friend's house in a vehicle and I was thinking about how she was about to go back to Pakistan and I was crying". He said he had asked police to allow him to go into the school during the standoff so his son could kill him instead of students.

Also attending the funeral was Gerri Manlove, who helps run the foreign student exchange program.

Antonios Pagourtzis said his son never displayed any signs that he would be capable of such violence, explaining that he didn't fight with others, didn't drink alcohol and seemed to enjoy healthy pursuits such as working out. They hid.They found a closet.

"I believe that's what was behind the shooting", he said. She suggested students could be required to wear clothes that would not easily hide guns.

"We were on the ground, all piled up in random positions", he said.

“She was a great soul,” Aziz Sheikh said Saturday of his daughter Sabika. He shows her
“She was a great soul,” Aziz Sheikh said Saturday of his daughter Sabika. He shows her

"We had no idea what God was going to send us, but he sent us one of the most precious gifts I've ever had in life", Jason Cogburn said.

"If anybody listens to me, I have only one appeal". "Please keep all the families in your thoughts, and hug your children tightly". It hurts. Believe me, it hurts.

Shana Fisher turned 16 just 10 days before she died, her aunt Ericha Fisher Farris said in a Facebook tribute. He added that he still can not believe that she's gone. She loved her family.

The other, Sabika, was shot by a fellow student inside a school in Santa Fe, Texas. Her father said Sabika was looking forward to observing the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which began this week and is marked by prayer, daylong fasts and family meals. "Not even a month", her father says.

Abdul Aziz, right, and relatives pray for Sabika Sheikh in her hometown of Karachi.

"We are still in a state of denial".

The wave of terrorism has swiftly reached the USA, which is believed to be a safest country.

Sheikh and nine other people were killed in the shooting, and another 10 people were injured.

One of the students who became a target of "America's gun culture" and lost her life in this tragedy was Sabika Sheikh. He called on US officials to completely investigate the shooting.

He said his daughter was a hard-working and accomplished student who aspired to work in civil service, hoping one day to join Pakistan's Foreign Office. "One should not stop going for education to the U.S. or United Kingdom or China, or anywhere. But controlling such incidents is the responsibility of the respective governments".

Elizabeth Lee reported this story for VOA News. "It's like a nightmare", he told The Associated Press. Hai Do was the editor.