Sanders announces Senate re-election bid

  • Sanders announces Senate re-election bid

Sanders announces Senate re-election bid

An independent who caucuses with Democrats in Congress, Sanders is among the list of possible contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020. Sanders said. "Working together over the past few years we have accomplished a great deal - but much, much more remains to be done".

Sanders suggested that Democrats are hesitant to back such radical positions merely because they "worry about what wealthy campaign contributors want you to say".

"Over the last two terms I have been one of the leaders in the Senate in addressing some of the major crises facing Vermont and the nation", said Sanders, I-Vermont. Many mainstream Democrats warn that Sanders-style socialist candidates might alienate just enough voters to deliver key races to Republicans.

In a press release announcing the decision Monday, the two-term USA senator said he would seek another six years in Congress to continue fighting wealth inequality in the country.

Following his insurgent but ultimately unsuccessful bid to capture the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, Sanders has used his increased influence to champion his preferred policies and argue in favor of reshaping the Democratic Party in a more progressive direction, explicitly opposed to corporate influence and interests.

Several independent candidates have also indicated they plan to seek Sanders' senate seat in November. Sanders faces challengers across the political spectrum, though none have his political status or multimillion dollar campaign fund.

Sanders' campaign announced he will seek a third term Monday.

The 76-year-old Sanders plans to launch his campaign next month with a series of rallies across Vermont.

"Yeah, it has come to my attention", said Sanders.