Baltimore County police officer shot

  • Baltimore County police officer shot

Baltimore County police officer shot

A witness described a chaotic ordeal to WBAL-TV, saying the officer drew her gun after pulling over the vehicle, after which the auto accelerated, a gunshot rang out and the driver ran over the officer.

At a gas station located at a cordoned-off intersection, some residents gathered to watch three helicopters of TV news crews buzzing overhead, Ab unmarked auto with law enforcers, including one officer cradling a rifle in the back seat, drove past and was waved through by police manning the intersection.

A Baltimore County police officer who was shot Monday afternoon has died, according to WBAL.

Police are collecting evidence and searching for at least one armed suspect.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan tweeted out his condolences Monday.

Kurek said he saw the officer bleeding from the back of her head.

The officer was shot in Perry Hall, Fox 45 reported.

The police chief said that Americans are "seeing something in this country we've never seen before". Administrative officer Fred Homan, acting in the county executive's role until the County Council appoints a replacement, did not appear with Jones and Sheridan, and has not put out a statement.

"This is a bad time in the United States for law enforcement", Sheridan said.

Officials guard a roadblock near a scene where a Baltimore County police officer died while investigating a suspicious vehicle Monday

The deceased officer, who has not yet been identified, responded to the scene in Perry Hall, where she was fatally injured.

Volunteer firefighter Logan Kurek said he ran outside and performed CPR on the officer until paramedics arrived, and says her injuries were consistent with being run over by a auto.

"I heard, 'Get out of the car!' 'Get out of the car!' Get out of the car!' at least three times, and then a pop", Amendt said.

Amendt said his wife also ran outside and tried to revive the officer, to no avail.

"This is a shock".

Officers were searching the area Monday night for suspects "who we believe are armed and unsafe", Police Chief Terrence Sheridan noted earlier. It's a quiet community. Motorists were advised to avoid Belair road between Forge Road and Ebenezer Road.

At 5:51 p.m., the district tweeted that students at Carney Elementary School were being sent home by bus or being picked up by parents.

He said police were combing the neighborhood where the fatal encounter occurred and that three elementary schools were on "lockdown" Monday evening and residents in the area are being asked to shelter in place.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.