Steam Link game-streaming app arrives on Google Play in beta

  • Steam Link game-streaming app arrives on Google Play in beta

Steam Link game-streaming app arrives on Google Play in beta

If you head over to the Google Play Store right now, you can find the Steam Link app, which has the ability to stream games over your local network from your PC to your smartphone or tablet. But how exactly does this work and how can you play your PC games from your couch on a smaller device?

To get up and running, your PC with the Steam Library on it has to be connected to your router via an Ethernet cable.

The potential for bathroom gaming is limitless. It will really need some sort of LTE (4G) support down the line - but this seems unlikely when Steam is suspicious of even letting you use it over WiFi (though the app doesn't go so far as to actively stop you).

Still, Steam Link is handy for all the times you've wanted to clock some game time, but didn't want to sit in front of your PC.

On the Apple side, we support any iOS device running iOS 10 or newer, and any Apple TV running tvOS 10.3 or newer.

I also wonder if game developers can bake in touch support for strategy games and RPGs so they're easier to play without a controller - it'd be a blast to command armies of Incas to slay the invading Conquistadors while lying in bed. Naturally, the best experience will come when paired with a separate Bluetooth controller (or the official Steam Controller), and don't worry, there are plenty of those on the market.

Valve says MFI controllers and some other Bluetooth options could work, but it's pretty much impossible to guess which.

And while you can easily use a Steam Controller, it's still a Steam Controller.

Ultimately the Steam Link app is a mixed bag, but it being so widely accessible and entirely free still makes it extremely exciting.

According to Valve, a beta version of the Steam Link app will arrive today on Android, and the full version will launch on iOS soon.