First official 4K screenshots released for Call of Duty Black Ops 4

  • First official 4K screenshots released for Call of Duty Black Ops 4

First official 4K screenshots released for Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Yesterday, during the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reveal event, developer Treyarch confirmed that the first-person shooter would have a battle royale game mode called Blackout. At this community event, many aspects of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 have been unveiled. Instead, of the six versus six player experience of the previous Call of Duty games, Black Ops 4 will set its standard game mode to five versus five. However, players will be able to engage in other modes as solo players, as well as play single-player missions that focus on multiplayer training through a story that takes place between Black Ops 2 and 3. Games like Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have made their names because of their significant scale and the opportunity for incredible, emergent moments with that many players.

Black Ops 4 also won't have a regenerating health system and player counts for the Blackout battle royale mode have yet to be determined.

From the looks of it, Fornite might have a worthy rival now that Black Ops 4 is coming.

As for Blackout, it is a newly introduced game mode featuring Black Ops combat, weapons, characters, gadgets, locations, and equipment.

On the other hand, all Black Ops titles are renowned for being fast-paced and action-filled which might give the Blackout mode an edge over Fortnite. Treyarch says that this their most ambitious Black Ops game so far.

There's also a new Mutation feature that lets you tinker with various attributes, including zombie speed and player damage. In addition to this, the Black Ops 4 beta may have a different release date for each platform, with the Sony partnership probably meaning PS4 players get access first, followed by Xbox One and PC users.

Additionally, players will be able to fight underwater in Black Ops 4.

The Call of Duty franchise has a long history of including playable women, most recently with Call of Duty: WW2's female soldiers in multiplayer and the female resistance fighter in the game's campaign.