Trump Trade Adviser Excluded From China Talks for 'Unprofessional Behavior'

  • Trump Trade Adviser Excluded From China Talks for 'Unprofessional Behavior'

Trump Trade Adviser Excluded From China Talks for 'Unprofessional Behavior'

Navarro's sidelining also follows accounts that fellow trade hawk Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is seen as losing sway.

Now it seems, the rift is continuing to simmer and while Mnuchin will be attending Thursday's talks with China's top trade negotiator Liu He, Navarro will not there, leading to concerns that under Mnuchin's increased role, punishing tariffs for China may be reduced.

Bloomberg cited administration officials who said Navarro did not work well with the team when the US trade delegation, headed by Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, met with Chinese trade officials in Beijing earlier this month. They also said he has of late "behaved erratically and unprofessionally". Navarro was angry over the direction of the talks and cursed at Mnuchin according to Axios' Jonathan Swan. Boeing case opens door to tariffs on EU Senate Democrats urge Trump to focus on USA over China Washington celebrates Bret Baier's new book MORE, U.S. Trade Representative Robert LighthizerRobert (Bob) Emmet LighthizerMcConnell urges GOP senators to call Trump about tariffs Companies brace for trade war MORE, and additional senior officials would meet with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on Thursday.

However, a White House official told Business Insider that Navarro would participate in the Thursday talks, which it said would be led by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Last month, the Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese officials had previously made known their feelings on the author of Death by China, reportedly telling USA officials, "We'll not engage with Navarro".

U.S. -Chinese trade relations are on shaky ground.

President Donald Trump has proposed at least $50 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods to punish the country for what he considers unfair trade behavior, including its acquisition of US technologies. Navarro's strong anti-China views and skepticism of free trade helped to build Trump's early economic agenda. Additionally, lawmakers took the Chinese to task for alleged transfers of United States intellectual property to Chinese firms.