This is the $4500 iPhone X with a solar charger

  • This is the $4500 iPhone X with a solar charger

This is the $4500 iPhone X with a solar charger

The company is reportedly going to give the first device to Elon Musk.

256GB version will place you back 299,000 rubles ($4,850).

Oh, and it's all yours for a whopping $4,590 (£3,392).

Interestingly, the iPhone X Tesla comes with the engraving "Made on Earth by Humans", similar to the Tesla Roadster which SpaceX CEO Elon Musk sent in space.

Well, the reality is Caviar produces neither Teslas nor iPhones and the rumored iPhone X Tesla's function are nothing sort of the products the company ventures into.

The firm behind its creations says it has received pre-orders for 999 of the exclusive handsets. The company has not specified the specs of the solar panel system and how much more battery life one might gain. This is innovative innovation'.

Instead iPhone X Tesla is quite a thick phone case that clips to the gadget with a solar panel on the back, which feeds an extra battery.

Bright lamps will also provide some charge.

Above the shock-resistant solar panel is 999 standard gilding and the rest of the modification features a carbon fiber material.

The iPhone X Tesla doesn't come with any reworked internals.

"The increased thickness from the original's 7.7mm to 16.2mm is large enough that the rear camera bump is now a recess."

Russian manufacturer of accessories Caviar started to sell the iPhone version of X with the solar battery, which was called Tesla.

The model was developed by national brand manufacturer of luxury phones and smartphones Caviar and got a PostScript Tesla, which is guaranteed must sympathize with the founder and owner of the brand for the production of electric vehicles. This is the cleanest energy for which no cost is required.

If you are in the market for an iPhone X, and expensive battery packs too happen to be the thing, then that gaudy brand new offering from Caviar is a match made in paradise.