Severe storms create meteotsunami off New Jersey coast

  • Severe storms create meteotsunami off New Jersey coast

Severe storms create meteotsunami off New Jersey coast

A "meteotsunami" or meteorological tsunami is a tsunami-like wave caused by air-pressure disturbances, such as severe thunderstorms.

Meteorologists for the National Weather Service on Wednesday confirmed that a tornado of 110 miles per hour struck Kent and one of 100 miles per hour ripped through Patterson.

In the midst of the severe thunderstorms that battered the Northeast on Tuesday afternoon, the New Jersey coast was struck by a small tsunami, according to the National Weather Service.

Tuesday's meteotsunami resulted in water level fluctuations for a period of several hours, but there was no damage reported on Wednesday.

While no damage has been reported as a result of the meteotsunami, some wind damaged occurred.

Meteotsunamis have been observed to reach heights of six feet or more National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says.

Residents in the Northeast cleaned up Wednesday, a day after powerful storms pounded the region with torrential rain and marble-sized hail, leaving at least four people dead and more than 200,000 homes and businesses without power.

Severe storms create meteotsunami off New Jersey coast

CT officials said a woman was killed Tuesday when a tree fell on her vehicle in New Fairfield, and in Danbury, a man who had taken refuge to escape the storm was killed when a tree fell on his truck. An 11-year-old NY girl was killed when a large tree toppled onto the vehicle she was in.

More than 157,000 utility customers in NY were without power midday Wednesday. An official said it could take days to get the power back on.

Instead, they're "weather-generated" and are produced by exceptionally strong storms.

Areas where impacts were forecast from the meteotsunami ranged from Perth Amboy, New Jersey to Fenwick Island, Delaware.

Airlines also canceled and delayed flights in and out of the region.

Tuesday's storms knocked down scores of trees and utility wires. Concourses were packed with passengers waiting for service to resume.