Red's $1300 Holographic Phone Coming to AT&T, Verizon This Summer

  • Red's $1300 Holographic Phone Coming to AT&T, Verizon This Summer

Red's $1300 Holographic Phone Coming to AT&T, Verizon This Summer

Verizon has just announced it will carry the RED Hydrogen One, world's first holographic smartphone.

Preorders for the phone were first available last July directly from RED for a hefty price: $1,200, but they have since closed. The Hydrogen One will be able to capture 3D footage with its own cameras, both those on the rear and those on the front. However, it's the interchangeable lens support that has many RED fans fascinated.

Building off of the modular roots of the Moto Z, the Hydrogen One features a pogo pin system that will allow for add-ons that enhance the functionality of the phone over time. Multiple modules can be stacked, in fact, with power and data being passed in both directions.

The Android smartphone will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. In fact, you get a full 4,500 mAh.

Since RED expects content creators to be all over the phone, that big battery will probably come in useful. In addition to the new smartphone, the company behind the smartphone will launch the HYDROGEN network, an exclusive network of channels with 4-View content.

YouTube personality Marques Brownlee saw a prototype of the phone previous year and was impressed by the holographic screen despite some rough edges that Red will presumably smooth over before the phone launches. (For its part, Verizon would only it's offering the phone later this year.) Red, which specializes in digital cameras, posted last month that the Hydrogen One's launch had been pushed back to August, though it also said the final date would be determined by its carrier partners. However, it's unclear what carriers will charge customers to buy this phone, which is touted to have 4V - or "four-view" - tech.

Pricing and specific availability haven't been confirmed yet, though it's fair to assume the Hydrogen One won't be a cheap handset.