Mom of kids allegedly tortured charged with child abuse

  • Mom of kids allegedly tortured charged with child abuse

Mom of kids allegedly tortured charged with child abuse

Rogers told KABC-TV that she and her husband were being judged for his tattoos, and her choice to homeschool her children. "I am an awesome mother". FULL INTERVIEW: Fairfield father accused in child abuse case speaks from jailPolice accuse Jonathan Allen and Rogers of punching, burning and water boarding their 10 children.

Larry Magney, who lives across the street on Fieldstone Court, told the San Francisco Chronicle that the couple moved in about a year ago.

The report also states that when police arrived at the Fairfield, California, home to search for a missing 12-year-old, they found nine children huddled together amid filth.

The boy was eventually found sleeping under a bush in a neighbor's yard, police said.

Allen and Ina Rogers of Fairfield, California, have 10 children and are in jail on felony child abuse charges.

Rogers gave journalists a tour of the house, a four-bedroom home with scuffed walls and animal feces in the bathroom.

Pictures obtained by ABC affiliate KGO show furniture, trash, toys and miscellany scattered at every angle, as if a storm had torn through the home.

Judge William J. Pendergast agreed with the deputy district attorney's request to set bail at $495,000, saying Rogers "may not be a danger to the public at large, but these charges make clear she is a danger to the children". When they brought they child home, officers searched the residence "due to concerns for the safety and health of the child and the child's siblings".

Investigators say the children were living in "squalor and unsafe conditions".

Solano County authorities say the children suffered puncture wounds, burns, bruising and injuries consistent with being shot with a pellet gun. On Wednesday, nine felony charges of child abuse will be added to a complaint against Allen's wife, Ina Rogers, 30, who was arrested for child neglect, according to Solano County prosecutors. Allen is being held in jail with bail set at $5.2 million.

At the Monday press conference, Solano County Chief Deputy District Attorney Sharon Henry said she was "horrified" by the statements made by several of the victims and that "as a parent, first and foremost in my heart ... we believe these children deserve justice". Neighbors say the grandmother is very loving, taking the children to school and on errands since both parents are in jail.

She's scheduled to appear in court on the new charges Wednesday.

"My kids get bumped and bruised and scratched because they're kids, but that's it", she told reporters in front of her house, according to the AP. "There's no broken bones, there is no major scars, nothing".

"She was pretty concerned, and she was like, you know, running around the neighborhood", Magney said, adding that he was "shocked" to learn that 10 children were living in the house, the Chronicle reported.

"It was a functioning household everyone helped everyone", Allen said.

Aleida Quartman, who told the AP that she was one of Rogers' co-workers, said she knew the mother to spoil her family - even if so many children, plus cats, a dog and fish left her house unsightly.

The children's accounts of their abuse led authorities to issue a warrant for Allen's arrest.

At that point, the 10 children were taken into protective custody by Solano County Child Welfare Services, and placed in the care of relatives. "I am not an animal", Allen said.