Man threatens to call ICE on workers speaking Spanish in NYC

  • Man threatens to call ICE on workers speaking Spanish in NYC

Man threatens to call ICE on workers speaking Spanish in NYC

"If they have the balls to come here and live off my money - I pay for their welfare. The least they can do is speak English".

The man in the video has been identified on Twitter, but NY1 has not been able to independently confirm that the attorney named is indeed the man in the video.

Emily Serrano, the woman who filmed the erratic encounter, said she told the man he was ignorant for telling her to stop speaking Spanish.

"They were speaking Spanish because they are friends. He stormed out." Despite how infuriating the man's comments were, "He's a customer, so I had to stay professional and ask him to leave", the manager also said. "He said, 'I'm highly educated and I doubt you are, and you need to go back to your country.' I said, 'Funny, I am in my country".

The video, which was recorded at a Fresh Kitchen in Midtown Manhattan, was shared on Facebook by Edward Suazo, who says the altercation began after the customer heard Suazo's wife and her friend speaking to another employee in Spanish.

The irate man continues his rant, saying, "I will be following up, and my guess is, they're not documented, so my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country". The woman WABC-TV spoke to said she felt compelled to defend the workers. To whoever is recording him, he says, "Honey, I'm calling ICE!".

"A real guideline that we have is don't call the police", Duncan said. "At that moment, he threw his sandwich". Keeping your voice at a certain level is important, as well as making eye contact with other people who are there to see if they will join you in intervening. "In an incident like that, depending on what they are doing, I'd try and make eye contact with them so they have some idea that they are being supported". "He was completely off hinge".

The video went viral on Facebook after Edward Suazo posted it Tuesday. "The internet is going to have a field day". The lawyer may not like Spanish, but his website claims he speaks it fluently.

New Yorkers reacted to the notorious clip with disdain.

CBS2's call to the law office had not been returned Wednesday night.

But this is actually the most terrifying aspect of this video - ICE is so bereft of oversight under this regime of knuckledraggers, that it's entirely likely that some DHS brown shirts would descend on Fresh Kitchen and detain the whole salad department for three weeks before figuring out they're all third generation Brooklynites.