Inmates revolt at Venezuela detention center, Utah man pleads for help

  • Inmates revolt at Venezuela detention center, Utah man pleads for help

Inmates revolt at Venezuela detention center, Utah man pleads for help

There was no official information on the incident, but in videos posted on social media men identifying themselves as prisoners said they had taken over the headquarters of intelligence agency Sebin, known as the Helicoide, where hundreds of people are held.

Such prisoners, who have access to smartphones, internet and social media, allegedly took over the leadership of the operation after the first wave of violence in order to give it media visibility.

"They're outside", he says, "They're trying to break in". They are saying that they want to kill me. "They're saying they want me as their guarantee".

Utah Rep. Mia Love later posted a statement saying the Holt was confirmed safe for the time being. She said she is "extremely concerned" about the situation. Immediately upon hearing what happened, I responded to his heartbreaking pleas for help with a personal phone call to Secr... Embattled head of state Nicolas Maduro, running for a second six-year period, is expected to win, having the banned the Opposition party and candidates and running against hand-picked candidates, amidst repression, vast censorship and widespread vote-buying, with the government conditioning sales of subsidized food and the adjudication of several bonuses to pro-Maduro votes on Sunday. The couple planned to marry in Venezuela, and then return to the United States.

Prison where Josh Holt is being held captive reportedly under attack

In a video seen on Twitter late on Wednesday Holt said, "I'm here to show you that I am not being kidnapped".

"The life of Joshua Holt is in danger and we call again on the government to release him for humanitarian reasons", the embassy wrote in Spanish. "The Venezuelan government is directly responsible for its security and we will hold it responsible if something happens to them". How long do my kids have to go asking for their mommy and daddy.

"The Sebin has told me that as long as my Government continues attacking this Government, and as long as Marco Rubio continues talking about me, the longer that they will never let me go", Mr Holt said in a written message, referring to the Republican senator from Florida who has accused Mr Maduro of keeping Mr Holt as a "hostage" to extract concessions from the US. "We need the people to help us". Please my fellow Americans don't allow me to continue suffering in Venezuela I am not a political pawn i am a humanbeing a child of God and I just want to live happy with my wife and children. His family has said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time of a raid in the Caracas neighborhood where his wife's family lives.