Google is rolling out native Offline mode for Gmail users

  • Google is rolling out native Offline mode for Gmail users

Google is rolling out native Offline mode for Gmail users

From there, tap the "Offline" option in the second row of the menu page. Choose your settings, such as how many days of messages you want to sync, then click Save changes and you're in business.

At the bottom, click Advanced.

Give Gmail some time to download messages, and be sure you have Gmail open in Chrome before going offline.

Google is continually making improvements to its Gmail service, and more recently it introduced a couple of new features that many people will find handy.

Furthermore, any changes, modifications and edits performed online will be synced on Google's servers once the device is connected to the Internet, meaning that these changes can only be seen natively on the same device and in order for the changes to be effected to your Gmail account, it has to sync.

GOOGLE HAS begun the rollout of two Gmail features that were trailed as "oming soon' when the new Gmail launched last week".

All users of the new Gmail will have Nudges enabled by default, but it'll take a few days to be live for everyone. Previously this feature was available for Chrome users as an add-on for the browser, but this naturally hinders performance like most add-ons. If you plan to save a lot of email you may be pushing that limit. Also, you'll need to switch over to the new Gmail UI for offline mode to work.

Click on the gear icon below your user portrait.

Under "Privacy and security", click Content settings.

On the Settings screen (Figure B) click Offline. Click it and then enable the "Offline mail" tick box. When users choose to keep it, the data will not be deleted from the computer once they sign out of their Google account. Do note that this feature is only available in the new Gmail interface and if the browser you're using is Chrome 61 or later.

Disabling Gmail offline and deleting stored messages is a simple process.

Go to Gmail offline settings.