Enzo Amore Reveals Case Is Closed For Rape Allegations

  • Enzo Amore Reveals Case Is Closed For Rape Allegations

Enzo Amore Reveals Case Is Closed For Rape Allegations

WWE fired him anyway back in January.

We live in a day and age where stories can break out, get misinterpreted, and then be in the minds of thousands of people because the truth can really be a factor.

Within the past half an hour, Amore has released a statement created by his personal general counsel that concludes the saga, confirming Amore was indeed innocent.

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore has been cleared by the Phoenix Police of rape allegations.

Today's statement from the counsel for Arndt reveals that he had no knowledge of the allegations until Sheahan went on the "unfounded tirade on social media".

Regardless, after a thorough investigation on part of law enforcement officials, in addition to publicly available information such as online admissions by acquaintances of Amore and Sheahan, the court of law has come to the conclusion that Amore had been wrongly accused by Sheahan. Mr. Arndt fully and unequivocally denies those accusations.

The Phoenix Police Department recently informed Mr. Arndt and his counsel that there is insufficient evidence in this matter to warrant any criminal charges, that the matter will not be transferred to the County Attorney for prosecution, and that their investigation and case is closed. Charges were not ever filed to begin with, closing the case. The matter is closed.

In a statement, Enzo representatives said: "Mr. Arndt expresses his gratitude for the enormous amount of support from his fans and followers during this time period". Cargill also states Amore is working on his "next venture in the entertainment industry" and wants to reconnect with his fans, is grateful for their support.

A tweet sent out by Amore with an image featuring a legal document proving his innocence has, in turn, set the professional wrestling community abuzz regarding Amore being legally-cleared of all charges.

As we previously reported, Enzo was allegedly released from WWE not because of the incident ... but because he failed to alert higher ups at the company before the investigation was made public.