DirecTV Now adds DVR for all, updates iOS and Apple TV apps

  • DirecTV Now adds DVR for all, updates iOS and Apple TV apps

DirecTV Now adds DVR for all, updates iOS and Apple TV apps

The new update brings some of DIRECTV NOW's features up to the standards set by competitor skinny bundles, helping one of the most impressive skinny bundles keep pace with its fast-changing business space. Dish, DirecTV's rival, failed to offset its pay television losses this past earnings with 91,000 Sling TV additions, but its service is still head of AT&T in total subscribers, the website reported. In addition to an update to the app user interface, the company introduced new paid options, such as a third simultaneous stream for United States dollars 5 per month and a cloud DVR for recording programmes.

According to DIRECTV NOW's blog post, the new look is to make it easier for users to find their most-watched channels and favorite programs, as they are now front and center.

DIRECTV NOW's cloud DVR feature allows users to save up to 20 hours of content for up to 30 days. The rollout became available this week and will be picked up by Android, Fire TV, and Roku devices in the weeks ahead.

The revamped app also includes more on-demand content, with over 25,000 titles now available for on-demand viewing, and new episodes on some channels becoming available on-demand right after airing, AT&T says. It will add the ability to record 100 hours with 90-day storage for an extra $10 a month this summer. This way, the show you're watching is still maximized while you're looking for something new, rather than shrunk to picture-in-picture or hidden. This is far less storage than what beta testers had - they could save up to 100 hours of recordings.

Entertainment, Uninterrupted - you'll never miss a beat with our new layout, because your stream will be playing in the background, or on a pop-up. However, it will cost extra: a third stream will be an additional $5 per month on top of the price of a customer's DirecTV Now package. DIRECTV NOW subscribers will now be able to watch local channels near their current location, not just near their home.

Travel with your Locals - granted the local is also available in the market you're traveling to, you can now stream your local channels when you travel.