Wagner clinches GOP nomination, will face Wolf in November

  • Wagner clinches GOP nomination, will face Wolf in November

Wagner clinches GOP nomination, will face Wolf in November

Tom Wolf's bid for a second term.

Candidate Laura Ellsworth believes too many budget negotiations happen behind closed doors and there are ways to make the process easier. Wagner only received 36% of the votes in our county. Two local incumbent House Democrats from Pennsylvania have turned back primary challenges. He focused his message heavily on cutting waste in government and moving toward zero-based budgeting.

Wagner is brash - "I am going to be the next governor, take that to the bank", he said previous year - and has a penchant for off-the-cuff speaking that makes him a magnet for controversy.

"I'm going to be a governor who leads the charge".

The Braddock mayor's victory means he will run on a ticket with Gov. Wolf in the fall.

"The people of Pennsylvania can and should have a governor who's on their side".

Unofficial returns show Wagner gathering 44% of Pennsylvanian votes.

Sheridan called Wagner "the very worst of Harrisburg" and said he has "been standing in the way of progress and blocking efforts to change Harrisburg and help Pennsylvania families".

Wolf also will have a big cash advantage: Wolf headed into May with $14 million in his campaign account, while Wagner reported $2.2 million. "There's no greater example of Wagner's obstructionist tactics than his opposition to the severance tax".

The Republican primary campaign was described by longtime political observer G. Terry Madonna as the most brutal in modern history.

According to the latest ABC27, Susquehanna Polling Research Poll, Ellsworth has her work cut out for her, coming in a distant third place to Scott Wagner and Paul Mango.

"I'm hoping to see the tide swing", said Karren Knowlton.

Pennsylvania state senator and waste-hauling millionaire Scott Wagner is the victor of the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf. "So please join me in doing that". "I know what can be done and how to get it done for hard working people like you and me". Scott and Jeff are beyond humbled to have secured the nomination of the Republican Party, and are eager to enter into the next phase of the race.