Stan Lee Goes After Ex-Company ... POW! Here's a $1 BILLION Lawsuit!!!

  • Stan Lee Goes After Ex-Company ... POW! Here's a $1 BILLION Lawsuit!!!

Stan Lee Goes After Ex-Company ... POW! Here's a $1 BILLION Lawsuit!!!

Entertainment, according to reported court documents obtained by Variety. "Upon her death", it reads, "Lee at age 94 became the target of various unscrupulous businessmen, sycophant and opportunists who saw a chance to take advantage of Lee's despondent state of mind, kind heart and devotion to his craft - a devotion that often allowed him to overlook the bad intentions of others when it came to his property". (1) forged Lee's signatures; (2) lifted Lee's signature from another document and imposed it on the Illegitimate Document; or, (3) someone, likely one of the Defendants, induced Lee to sign the Illegitimate Document by using a bait and switch tactic: "telling Lee it was something else". Entertainment to alter a clause meant to grant POW! non-exclusive rights to use his name to instead secretly grant POW! an exclusive right to use Lee's name.

Lee claims that Duffy and Champion failed to disclose the full terms of the company's sale to Hong Kong-based Camsing International in 2017.

However, the suit says, Champion and POW!

The comic book creator added that he doesn't recall anyone reading the "illegitimate document" to him and, because of his advanced macular degeneration (he was declared legally blind in 2015), could not have read it himself. "In addition, POW! took control of Lee's personal social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, thereby impersonating Lee before a combined 15 million followers worldwide". The suit states that Lee can not recall anyone reading to him the terms of the agreement and that he did not knowingly sign the document.

"Given his fame and cultural importance as an American icon and living legend, there is significant commercial interest in the use of his image, name and likeness", said the claim.

Lee is in the news again with a new law suit, for 1 billion dollars, against POW!

Lee's purported complaint alleges that Lee signed a fraudulent contract with POW!, granting them exclusive rights to his name, though the suit claims Lee negotiated a non-exclusive agreement.