Pope says 'very worried' by Mideast violence

  • Pope says 'very worried' by Mideast violence

Pope says 'very worried' by Mideast violence

"War calls for war, violence calls for violence".

"I invite all the parties involved and the global community to renew their commitment because dialogue, justice and peace prevail", Francis said, before leading the thousands who were gathered in St. Peter's Square in praying a Hail Mary. "May God have mercy on us", he said.

Pope Francis passes by a banner of Philippines' believers during a weekly general audience at St Peter's square on May 16, 2018 in Vatican.

Pope Francis condemned Israel's killing of Palestinian protestors on Wednesday, warning the violence would only lead to more violence.

Jerusalem's status is perhaps the thorniest issue of the decades-long conflict, with Israeli claiming the entire holy city as its capital while the Palestinians want the eastern sector as capital of their future state. "Their fate is central to peace and peace can never be built on neglect", the cardinal wrote.

During the cathechesis, the pope explained the significance of the white garment worn when receiving the sacrament.

Francis, who visited Israel and Palestinian territories in 2014, asked both sides and the worldwide community to redouble efforts "so that dialogue, justice and peace prevail".

Francis was reflecting on St. Paul discerning when to leave his flock in the care of others, a decision Francis said all bishops must make.

Pope Francis finished his catechesis on baptism with an especially energetic audience.

"We are called to receive [the candle's] splendor!" he said. The Anglican Church is committed to serve the people of Gaza through the extraordinary work of the hospitals I was able to visit there a year ago'. "As the flame of the paschal candle gives light to individual candles, so the love of the Risen Lord inflames the hearts of the baptized, filling them with light and heat".

He also emphasized the right of children to a Christian education and the responsibility of parents and godparents to provide this and to nourish in children the baptismal graces, helping them to persevere in the faith.

Pope Francis says he has thought about when it might be time to "take leave" of his flock. "Do not be discouraged, because you have the power of the Holy Spirit so that it is possible".