Multiverse could harbour life

  • Multiverse could harbour life

Multiverse could harbour life

A new study has come up with the collaborative research of different universities which tells that regardless of the truth of the Multiverse hypothesis, life can survive outside the Universe in which humans live.

"The formation of stars in a universe is a battle between the attraction of gravity, and the repulsion of dark energy", saidRichard Bower of Durham University.

"For many physicists, the unexplained but seemingly special amount of dark energy in our Universe is a frustrating puzzle,"Jaime Salcido, a postgraduate student from Durham University, said in a press release".

Now new research led by Durham University, UK, and Australia's University of Sydney, Western Sydney University and the University of Western Australia has portrayed that life could possibly be habitual throughout the multiverse.

"Our simulations show even if there was much more dark energy - or even very little - then it would only have a minimal effect on star and planet formation, raising the prospect that life could exist throughout the multiverse".

Adding larger amounts would cause such a rapid expansion that it would dilute matter before any stars, planets or life could form. He further said that the multiverse concept shows baby universes getting birth like that of bubbles in a huge multiverse with many fundamental constants and physical laws.

"I think we should look for a new physical law to explain this unusual characteristic of our universe, and the theory of multiverses has little effect on the discomfort of saving physicists".

The group has distributed its outcomes in the diary Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The simulation is widely recognized as one of the most realistic programs that has mapped the known universe.

The dark energy issue has been a hot topic of research by scientists and it has become clearer and clearer that we do not have a firm grasp of its function - it turns out that we may be wrong about the limitations of energy everywhere. The dark energy is defined as the odd force, which is triggering the universe to expand. This suggests that in some regions the universe is still expanding and will continue to grow indefinitely.

In doing so, it produces multiverses: an endless supply of universes similar to our own, inhabited with Earthlike worlds, societies as well as people that resemble us.

In general, it is clear that our understanding of dark energy is lacking. But simulations seem to prove that this is not entirely correct.

In order to arrive at this conclusion, the research team used giant computer simulations that ended up suggesting that if other universes exists they would be equally likely to harbor life. The simulations were processed under the EAGLE (Evolution and Assembly of Galaxies and their Environments) project, one of the most pragmatic simulations of the observed Universe.

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