Farenthold lands new job in Texas

  • Farenthold lands new job in Texas

Farenthold lands new job in Texas

Blake Farenthold says he will not repay $84,000 in taxpayer money used to settle a sexual harassment suit against him.

As for his new lobbying job, reportedly with the Calhoun Port Authority for a $160,000 salary, the former congressman declined to comment.

Farenthold announced Monday on a Corpus Christi radio show that he landed a new gig at the Calhoun Port Authority in Port Lavaca, Texas, as reported by Caller Times.

The former lawmaker has denied wrongdoing in the 2014 case, in which his former communications director accused him of making inappropriate comments created to gauge whether she was interested in a sexual relationship.

Apart from a few exceptions for state or local government agencies, it is usually illegal for a former congressman to immediately work as a lobbyist.

"I will say this on the record: I have been advised by my attorneys not to repay that", Farenthold told the news outlet.

In December 2017, Farenthold promised to return the money but never did.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wanted Farenthold to foot the bill for a special election to replace him but Farenthold refused.

In a May 2 letter, which Farenthold mistakenly addressed to The Honorable "Gregg" Abbott, Farenthold pointed at Texas special election Texas law, contending that Abbott's call for a special election was "not warranted and should not have been called". "Since I didn't call it and don't think it's necessary, I shouldn't be asked to pay for it".

"I'm starting a new job today that has an hour-and-a-half commute", said Farenthold. "You're going to have me listening and calling in a whole lot now".

While the Office of Congressional Ethics unanimously voted to dismiss the allegations in 2015, other people who worked for Farenthold, such as his former communications director Michael Rekola, reported instances of inappropriate behavior to the press.