Family in agony after baby dies at Gaza protest

  • Family in agony after baby dies at Gaza protest

Family in agony after baby dies at Gaza protest

Health officials in Gaza said two more Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire during protests near the border in Gaza yesterday.

The health ministry in Gaza say baby Leila, only eight months old, died after inhaling tear gas along the border with Israel on Monday as major protests escalated into the bloodiest day in years, with at least 60 Palestinians killed.

He said a United Nations official who visited Gaza, "witnessed first-hand patients being brought in on stretchers and left in the hospital's courtyard, which was being used as a triage area".

Palestinians, however, claim East Jerusalem, which is part of the West Bank, as the capital of a future state.

Earlier, funerals began for some of those killed, coinciding with the day Palestinians call the Nakba, or "catastrophe", which commemorates when more than 700,000 of them fled or were expelled from their homes in the 1948-49 war that followed the creation of the State of Israel.

Israel has defended its response, blaming Hamas for fomenting violence and insisting it needed to protect nearby Jewish settlements from protesters getting through the border fence.

He added: "I feel I am the reason [for her death]".

"I think we will see the same consequences".

They carried her tiny body, wrapped in a Palestinian flag.

It was not immediately clear how close to the border fence Ghandour and her family were.

"So I took her with me on the bus".

The Israeli military said at least 24 of those killed on Monday were "terrorists with documented terror background" and majority were active operatives of Hamas.

Prime Minister Theresa May described the loss of life as "tragic and extremely concerning" and urged Israel to show restraint.

Another serious shortcoming in the article is that the repeated description of the riots and clashes as "protests", along with the reference to global criticism of what the AP calls "Israel's use of lethal force against unarmed protesters" and the absence of reference to the molotov cocktails, guns, knives, axes, wire cutters, explosives, and arsonist kites, is a complete distortion of the nature of the Hamas-led activity at the fence.

Mr Regev said: "If we allow the Hamas terrorists to enter Israel, we will have dead Israelis".

Asked about life in Gaza, Mr Regev acknowledged the Palestinians "live a very hard life", but blamed Hamas, claiming it does nothing for the people but "invests its efforts in a holy war - their words, not mine - against Israel".

More than two million people live in the narrow Gaza Strip, more than two-thirds of them refugees, and face continual economic hardship.

"People are massing again".