Emilia Clarke insists there's no pay gap problem on Game of Thrones

  • Emilia Clarke insists there's no pay gap problem on Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke insists there's no pay gap problem on Game of Thrones

The actress may have been frustrated with the term, though she understands that the world of sci-fi and fantasy doesn't often afford women the same opportunities as men in terms of heroic abilities, yet offered alternatives of how to ask performers similar questions. "Take the strong out of it. Find another adjective, dammit!"

"Or, how does it feel to play a "female lead" in a big blockbuster movie, or, how does it feel to play someone with power. I'm just playing women", Clarke said in an interview as part of the Kering Women in Motion talks, reported Variety. "Because I have to, do you know what I mean?" There's like a weak option? "You think a lead in a movie is gonna be a weak woman?".

No conversation these days with a leading Hollywood star is incomplete without a discussion about living in the post-Weinstein era and vying more strongly for women's rights.

"We can say 'Hey guys, on a really basic level you haven't filled your quota so hi, I'm here to fill your quota!'".

"It was my first job, and I was not discriminated against because I was a woman in my paycheck", she said.

U.S. actor Alden Ehrenreich (L), British actress Emilia Clarke and United States director Ron Howard arrive on May 15, 2018 for the screening of the film "Solo: A Star Wars Story". "And then when they wanted me to be in it, I'm like, 'What? OK!"

"Well, if you have got a really glamorous lady in a really sordid environment you kind of know that maybe the glamour is hiding a few rough roads", Clarke pointed out to Entertainment Weekly. But she also warned against an "unnecessarily aggressive" approach. "So I think it's mainly in the beginning, just be aware of that and going, 'Can you just check?' You just start to fight harder for that stuff". "History" tells about the adventures of a young space smuggler Han Solo and his faithful companion Chewbacca. And strong. And has her own journey.

"I never felt as a girl I couldn't do anything I wanted to do", she said.

The 31-year-old wowed wearing an off-the-shoulder dress which skimmed the floor at the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story.