WOW Air Is Launching $199 Flights From the United States to India

  • WOW Air Is Launching $199 Flights From the United States to India

WOW Air Is Launching $199 Flights From the United States to India

WOW air, Iceland's only low-fare airline, will soon connect Canadians to the hustling and bustling of colourful Delhi at the lowest price on the market with a new route to India lifting off December 6, 2018.

WOW Air, which will be flying A-330 Neo to India, now serves 39 destinations across Europe and including Chicago, Toronto, London and Paris.

"The one way fair under the "Wow basic" includes all taxes but excludes meal and check in baggage, which will be charged separately".

And for those travelers who want a relative deal but don't want to sacrifice comfort, WOW Air is also introducing a premium seating option, with more legroom, priority boarding, in-flight dining, and up to two checked bags.

Wow Air, which would be flying an Airbus A330 Neo to India and operate five days a week, now serves 39 destinations across Europe and North America including London, Paris, New York, Toronto, Baltimore, San Francisco and Chicago.

Again these will include a stopover in Iceland before a 10-and-a-half hour flight to the Indian capital.

The airline said that Iceland falls on the regular route taken by carriers who fly out of India to the United States, so flying via Reykjavik would be the shortest one-stop flight. Last year, however, WOW purchased new Airbus A330neo wide body jetliners (sometimes called "jumbo jets") which can fly to destinations in Asia.

Iceland, he asserted, was an ideal hub for North America-bound flights from India because of its location on the direct flight path, resulting in a shorter distance, reduced fuel burn, less engine usage and lower fares.

The airline says fares will start from as little as £149 one way including taxes, or from £499 one-way including taxes for premium.

Mr Mogensen said he was optimistic about the success of the airline in India. Nearly 20,000 India and North America everyday and over 80% of them fly with one or two stops. The launch of this service they will offer more choice of travel to them.

Further, he said the "fares can absorb the rising crude oil prices unless it breaches the $100 mark".