WhatsApp adds 6 new features to Groups to bolster user's experience

  • WhatsApp adds 6 new features to Groups to bolster user's experience

WhatsApp adds 6 new features to Groups to bolster user's experience

The new version of the app for iOS and Android enables groups to add a description setting out the objective, guidelines and topics for the group chat. Over the past few months WhatsApp has introduced new features for groups like making it hard for users to be re-added to groups they've left. All the new features will be applicable to new and existing groups.

Here's a look at the new features and updates WhatsApp has introduced for group chats.

"When a new person joins a group, the description will show up at the top of the chat", WhatsApp said in a blog post.

However, perhaps the most handy feature is the new "group catch up" tool, which will help users keep track of active groups, while they're away.

Groups are an important part of WhatsApp as they're used by families and friends to stay in touch with each other and even business teams to get work done.

WhatsApp gave examples of how come together in groups on WhatsApp like new parents looking for support, students organising study sessions, and city leaders coordinating relief efforts after natural disasters.

Admin controls: WhatsApp has been rumoured to be working on admin controls for improving Groups experience for a long time. Some of the new features include better admin control, participant search, group catch up, and more.

Another new tool allows administrators to choose whether or not to restrict changes to the subject, icon, and description. You can simply search for any participant by going to the "Group Info" page. Tapping on the symbol will allow members to see all messages that mention them since their last visit to the group, or reply to a previous message that they sent.

Several WhatsApp for Android Beta users might have already received this feature but it is only now being made available for all - Admin permissions.

Another welcome feature is that now WhatsApp has added a feature that would protect you from being repeatedly added to groups you left.

Admins also can remove admin permissions from other participants and in a welcome change, group creators cannot be removed from the group they started.