West Sussex charity backs mental health minute

  • West Sussex charity backs mental health minute

West Sussex charity backs mental health minute

National bodies including the CMI are calling for managers to lead the fight against stress and mental health disorders at work.CMI's own research - the Quality of Working Life report - shows that the "always-on culture" is responsible for managers working an extra 44 days more than their contracted hours per year.

We are teaming up with hundreds of radio stations across the country for a special message to raise awarness.

In the minute-message, the Duke of Cambridge said: "Just starting a conversation on mental health can make all the difference, when you talk about something you have less reason to fear it". The CIPD is therefore delighted to be a partner of Business in the Community's National Mental Health at Work Survey 2018 in conjunction with Mercer and national partners Mind, Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health at Work, OUTstanding, The Work Foundation and ILM, to ensure that employers are supporting employees with their mental health. There may be a short delay in this going live on the blog page as we moderate the comments added to our blogs.

"I think, in that time, he was dealing with various pressures and things going on and we just didn't know about any of it; things deteriorated very quickly".

Pirate FM will play the minute-long message featuring Princes William and Harry and stars like Lady Gaga at 10.59am on Tuesday.

Isle of Wight Radio is joining BBC and commercial radio stations around the UK to unite for the first time to broadcast a one-minute message about mental health.

The princes issued heartfelt pleas for people to "start a conversation on mental health" as part of a minute-long message which was simultaneously broadcast by hundreds of United Kingdom radio stations at 10.59am today.

We believe mental and physical health are of equal importance, which is why we set ourselves a target to match the number of mental and physical first aiders in our organisation. Radio is unique in being both fantastically intimate and yet part of a shared experience.

Roger Cutsforth, Chief Executive at The Radio Academy, said: "We have a responsibility to recognise the unique place we in radio occupy in people's lives. But, improving awareness and understanding is a crucial first step that all employers need to take and we're proud to set an example, not only for the retail industry, but for employers across the United Kingdom".