GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Unveils 'Deportation Bus Tour'

  • GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Unveils 'Deportation Bus Tour'

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Unveils 'Deportation Bus Tour'

"We don't have to wait for anything", Williams said on Breitbart News Saturday.

In the newly released campaign advertisement, Williams says, "We're going to implement my 287 (g) deportation plan to fill this bus with illegals to send them back to where they came from".

Williams" "Deportation Bus Tour' begs the question as to how Williams will legally gather undocumented immigrants into a bus in order to take them to Mexico.

State Sen. Michael Williams said in a press release his bus tour will "expose how unsafe illegal aliens ruin local economies, cost American jobs, increase healthcare costs and lower education standards".

Those are the words on the back door of a repainted school bus Michael Williams is using to drum up support in his bid for the Georgia governor's seat.

On Sunday, social media was plagued with a series of images shared by Ana Clavel on Facebook from Georgia, showing a "deportation bus" painted with the campaign slogans of a certain Michael Williams. Without 287 (g), we have no way of knowing when illegals are committing crimes and being sent back into our communities. "The Michael Williams 'Deportation Bus, '" he continued. State legislators in Georgia passed a law banning sanctuary cities in 2009, but some local governments in the state have policies that are more sympathetic to immigrants.

The Trump administration's ending of the Obama-era "catch and release" programs, and his Justice Department's zero-tolerance approach to illegal immigration has led cities across the U.S. to declare themselves 'sanctuary cities.' This means that local authorities there refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials in detaining and deporting illegals.

According to the video, the back of the bus reads "Danger! We're going to put them on this bus and send them home".

Williams hasn't responded to CNN's requests for comment.

The tour is set to begin in the Georgia counties of Clarkson, Decatur and Athens on May 16, according to a press release sent by the campaign.

Williams, who is a former co-chair of President Donald Trump's Georgia campaign, said, "We're not just going to track them and watch them roam around our state".

Secretary of State Brian Kemp recently released a commercial in which he tells voters that his pickup truck might come in handy.

And Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, an early frontrunner in the race, criticizes left-leaning politicians in a campaign ad for not enforcing stricter immigration laws. Cagle's own hometown of Gainesville has developed a reputation for turning a blind eye to criminal illegal aliens.