Cavs Changing Starting Lineup In Attempt To Stop Al Horford

  • Cavs Changing Starting Lineup In Attempt To Stop Al Horford

Cavs Changing Starting Lineup In Attempt To Stop Al Horford

But don't expect Celtics coach Brad Stevens to fall for the potential smokescreen that is Thompson's starting presence.

The constant in each of those series was Thompson, who started and gave Kevin Love some protection, especially previous year against the Celtics.

Additionally, Al Horford dominated against Love, who guarded the Celtics center on 62 percent of the offensive possessions he played, according to National Basketball Association player tracking data.

"Looking at the statistics, over the last three years with at least 30 possessions [defending him], out of all the guys that have guarded Al Horford, Tristan is No. 1 in the league defending Al Horford", Lue said. With a laugh, he added: "So that's a good thing to know, and you guys have a great day".

Cleveland is looking to rebound after failing to keep up with the Celtics - and their defenders tasked with stifling LeBron James - in a 108-83 Game 1 loss on the road Sunday.

"It's definitely something we have to weigh - we weighed it before the series started", Lue said.

Al Horford, who averaged 12.9 points-per-game through the regular season and only eclipsed 20 points once in the Philadelphia 76ers series, scored 20 for the Boston Celtics in the opening game win. Still, Thompson finished with 8 points and 11 rebounds in 21 minutes, and, as The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor pointed out, the Celtics suffer on both sides of the court when their two big men are on the floor together (as opposed to just Horford).

Cleveland Cavaliers center Kevin Love posts up a defender during the first half of Game 1 against the Boston Celtics in the 2018 NBA Eastern Conference Finals at TD Garden in Boston.

"Usually when Bron has these kind of games, the next game he does something legendary", Tristan Thompson said.

Asked if he thought Boston might change its starting lineup to match up better with a bigger front line, Horford wasn't certain. "We've got our jobs to do as the other players".

"I think in the first half we were a little soft", Love said. Get the app and get the game. "Bad first game. There's lot of things we can do better in the next one".

"Morris is going to compete", Lue said. We need them to do that. But our starters have got to be ready to throw the first punch. "On the pick and rolls, they were able to get downhill a lot, so we've got to clean that up". The Cavs went on to win the hard-fought series in seven games.

"But at the same time, we can't rely on that", he continued. He was 0-of-5 from 3-point range and is 3-of-23 from deep going back to Game 1 against the Raptors. "I imagine it'll be a lot like Game 2 against IN". "Whoever they put on the floor, we're going to have to help appropriately, depending on who's on the floor, and we're going to have to guard him as hard as we can, which is easier said than done".