Trump's Proposed Visit To Nigeria May Take 1yr To Plan - Onyeama

  • Trump's Proposed Visit To Nigeria May Take 1yr To Plan - Onyeama

Trump's Proposed Visit To Nigeria May Take 1yr To Plan - Onyeama

The Nigerian leader was asked whether he had talked to Trump about reports that the US president used the word "shithole" to describe African countries in January. Trump reportedly made offensive comments a few months ago while talking about USA immigration policies, referring to these African countries as "sh*thole countries".

President Muhammadu Buhari seems unmindful about the outrage and backlashes that generated more than a week ago after he had made some comments on young persons in the country, as he has spoken on the "uneducated" youth in Northern Nigeria.

The president said Monday, while at a White House news conference alongside President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, that he had nothing for which to apologize. He said the best thing for him is to "keep quiet".

It is to the credit of IPOB that our sustained global advocacy, the letter we sent to President Trump on the eve of the meeting and the demonstrations we carried out at the White House were the factors most responsible for bringing this matter to the attention of President Trump.

Obasanjo wrote a damning letter to President Buhari and touted Coalition for Nigeria Movement which has been launched in Abuja.

"We didn't discuss it".

Even though the comment was interpreted as a dismissal of the work ethic of most Nigerian youths and drew criticism from political opponents and the public, the president had never directly explained his remarks.

"This convention is timely and what we have discussed so far will strengthen the Houston Chapter and by extension the larger American Chapter under Dr Harold". Trump said that the USA sends Nigeria more than $1 billion annually in foreign aid and that the US ought to get something in return for its financial contribution.

Trump met Buhari to talk about fighting terrorism overseas, citing the Boko Haram schoolgirl kidnapping.

"It is also inexcusable that President Buhari had no answers to the security situation of daily bloodletting and mass killings in Nigeria, which President Trump described as "horrible".

"We will be investing substantially in Nigeria if they can create that level playing field that we have to, very much, ask for and maybe demand", Trump said.

PDP said President Buhari simply restricted himself to his script, which was silent on the issue. Thousands of people have been killed.