Gmail has just unveiled loads of new features

  • Gmail has just unveiled loads of new features

Gmail has just unveiled loads of new features

"There are about 1.4 billion users around the world and it was really time to think about how people use email these days", explained Drake. Gmail suggests three custom, short and sweet replies to a message.

A number of the new features are created to make it easier to respond to messages, both in terms of not forgetting about them and making the actual reply easier.

Do keep in check that Google has not made this new Gmail default for everyone as yet, so if you're not seeing it right now, you will have to keep on checking for the update.

Gmail features will be hidden until the user needs it. You can manage various tasks related to Google Calendar and more within the Gmail app.

There is a new Tasks app for iOS and Android, plus you can access your Tasks right inside Gmail. It's not going to prevent deliberate data extraction from such emails, but Google believes that there are chances when you might mistakenly share information with the wrong person or recipient, and this feature is present to help tone down that problem. The recipient won't have access to those emails anymore either - unless they took some screenshots.

This is kind of an interesting feature on the Gmail app. Click and look for the option to "Try the new Gmail".

When you launch Tasks, you'll need to sign in to your Google account, obviously. You can customise the email and the way you want to send the messages to replies with Smart Reply option.

You can set new options with a sensitive message such as removing the ability for someone to forward, copy, download or print the message.

According to this new feature, users will be able to preview the attached files such as images before downloading them. Or you can trash it with the button in the top right. Another change called display density will allow you to vertically adjust the total area of your inbox that you can visually see. This feature won't let a user forget to drop the mail as it pops up after scheduling and snoozes until the user responds it.

High-priority notifications: This change is coming to mobile apps.

There are plenty of additional features and sections added to the original User Interface which is the reason why you would be able to get responds more quickly and can send out responds faster. When you use Gmail to directly add a task, you can check out your tasks in the sidebar of Gmail. Users might also question the privacy element of this change, but Google says that we do not need to worry about this at all.

It can be tough to unsubscribe to emails.

Google will also push a new Offline Support tool to their main Gmail application for desktop and mobile users. Mostly the upgrades are very minor but there are few very neat major updates as well. Users would definitely going to like this new offline support feature which would let you explore pretty much everything offline. Since the giant has rolled out the update in phases, it will take some time.