Sitaram Yechury re-elected CPI(M) general secretary, party united against BJP

  • Sitaram Yechury re-elected CPI(M) general secretary, party united against BJP

Sitaram Yechury re-elected CPI(M) general secretary, party united against BJP

The politburo, which met late in the night to finalise the new central committee, could not arrive at a consensus and is scheduled to meet again on Sunday morning ahead of the closing session of the party congress. "It is in government following aggressive neo-liberal policies started by the party Congress and it is led and controlled directly by a fascistic orgaisation - the RSS". Their draft resolution which became the official document at the congress, ruled out the possibility of the CPM sharing any political front in which Congress is a constituent. "We have agreed mutually and collectively to the redrafted section", Brinda said.

Many senior leaders turned it a victory for the party members who wanted an understanding with Congress to checkmate BJP across the country.

During Karat's 3-term stint as the General Secretary of the party, the CPI (M) plummeted from 61 seats in the Lok Sabha to just 11, and the party lost the state of West Bengal as well to arch-rival, Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress. However, keeping in mind the CPM's aim to defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), it is ready to have an "understanding" with secular opposition parties within Parliament, including the Congress.

After the political resolution was passed Sitaram Yechuri stressed the need for the unity in the party.

Yechury's proposal is to maintain an "electoral understanding" with the Congress but did not call for forming a government with the grand old party.

In a major win for Yechury, the two factions agreed on amending the political resolution to read "No electoral alliance with the Congress", leaving the door open for a potential understanding with the congress as part of a pooling of votes of secular democratic forces against the right-wing BJP.

"In principle, the CPI-M is against death penalty".

"It is important to differentiate between regional parties, and parties of the ruling class. If any message that should go to rank and file and our class enemy is that CPM has emerged as a united party", Yechury said in his speech on the concluding session of the party congress.

The party's constitution allows an individual to serve for a maximum of three terms.

Sources said that the Karat line got majority delegates' support from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and partially from Bengal and Tripura, while those from other states were evenly split between them.