Stormy Daniels Crashes Cohen's Court Hearing ... Troll Move of the Year

  • Stormy Daniels Crashes Cohen's Court Hearing ... Troll Move of the Year

Stormy Daniels Crashes Cohen's Court Hearing ... Troll Move of the Year

Joanna Hendon appeared for the president at Friday's hearing, telling Wood that Trump had "an acute interest" in the handling of the seized materials.

One was Trump himself.

She ordered prosecutors to give Cohen's lawyers a copy of the seized materials before the next hearing.

The hearing followed a raid last week on Cohen's home and office.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was another.

Fox News host Sean Hannity says it's no "big deal" that he consulted with Donald Trump's personal lawyer about his own legal affairs.

Prosecutors say they are investigating Cohen's personal business dealings. It was revealed publicly that Cohen paid her $130,000, in what Daniels characterizes as hush money on behalf of President Trump, the month before the 2016 election.

But Judge Wood said she would still need the names of those other clients, and rejected his efforts to mask the identity of Hannity, a client Cohen had said wanted to avoid publicity. But Judge Kimba Wood made one of the lawyers identify him in open court.

Cohen is asking for the review to be conducted by a court-appointed attorney.

But prosecutors want the documents to be reviewed for attorney-client privilege by a "taint team" of lawyers within their own office, who would be walled off from the main prosecution team.

The raid on Cohen's home and office came as special counsel Robert Mueller's probe intensifies its focus on the president's inner circle.

Cohen's lawyers said investigators "took everything" during raids last week on his residence and office. They said that prosecutors had already intercepted emails from Cohen and executed the search warrants only after discovering that there were no emails between Trump and Cohen.

Daniels, wearing a pink skirt and black heels, stumbled and nearly fell on the wet sidewalk outside the courthouse among a throng of reporters and camera crews. She says she had sex with a married Trump in 2006.

President Donald Trump's personal attorney has arrived at a New York City courthouse for a hearing over an Federal Bureau of Investigation search of his files.

Monday's hearing began with an appearance by porn actress Stormy Daniels, who was swarmed by photographers and almost fell as she was hustled into the courthouse. The government says it should do the vetting. Her lawyer says she'll be in the courtroom Monday.

In a statement Mr Hannity said that he has never retained U.S. President Donald Trump's longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

In a court filing on Monday, Mr Cohen's attorneys said three people received legal help from Mr Cohen in 2017 and 2018, after Mr Trump became president.

The letter demanded Trump and Cohen's lawyers be allowed to decide which items seized are protected by attorney-client privilege before criminal prosecutors see them.

The unexpected naming of Hannity made him the latest outsized media personality to be drawn into the investigation's cast of unlikely supporting characters.

Michael Cohen is under criminal investigation for personal business dealings and was ordered to appear in federal court Monday in NY to help answer questions about his law practice.

Cohen, who has denied wrongdoing, arrived early Monday afternoon.

"Fairness and justice - as well as the appearance of fairness and justice - require that, before they are turned over to the Investigative Team, the seized materials relating to the President must be reviewed by the only person who is truly motivated to ensure that the privilege is properly invoked and applied: the privilege-holder himself, the President", Hendon wrote.