Ghana Ends Commonwealth Games With One Medal

  • Ghana Ends Commonwealth Games With One Medal

Ghana Ends Commonwealth Games With One Medal

The decision to seat athletes before the ceremony began meant Kiwi fans missed seeing Black Sticks hockey captain Stacey Michelsen leading the New Zealand team into Carrara Stadium.

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games ending without the athletes at the forefront was a "complete stuff up", committee chairman Peter Beattie admitted to Sunrise on Monday. "When people in wheelchairs get kicked off airlines, kicked off facilities, when they're not getting access to education, when they are issues with employment, I will fire up and grab everyone along with me".

Viewers were furious when the athletes were overlooked during the broadcast from Carrara Stadium, with the spotlight instead put on speeches and musical performances.

"Kurt has definitely been a big part of paving the way for what para-sports have become in Australia and he's been inspiring for me and all those other strong athletes who have overcome hurdles", Patterson, 19, said.

Channel 7 hosts Jo Griggs and Basil Zempilas couldn't hide their disappointment or anger, as they slammed organisers, and accused them of destroying a beloved tradition.

There was also concern after a large portion of the athletes and spectators left the ceremony before it had finished, leaving the stadium looking a little bare.

"It was a shame that the flag-bearer wasn't recognised".

"They made the decision not to have athletes enter the stadium".

He told Sunrise their decision to not show the athletes walking through the stadium was made based on the competitor's welfare. You want to see them jumping in front of camera. "I've never seen the stadium so empty halfway through a ceremony".