Comey And McCabe 'Committed Many Crimes'

Mr Comey added that that there is "some evidence of obstruction of justice" in the president's actions, and that Mr Trump is "morally unfit" for office.

Mr Trump's adviser Kellyanne Conway accused Mr Comey of peddling a "revisionist version of history" and sinking into the "gutter" with petty comments about the size of Mr Trump's hands and the length of his tie.

During the much-anticipated television interview that marks the official start of a nationwide tour to promote his new memoir "A Higher Loyalty", Comey acknowledged that even on Election Night, he expected Clinton would defeat Trump.

"He looked a little shaky", Ms Conway said of Mr Comey, on ABC's Good Morning America.

Trump attempted on Monday to discredit Comey by aligning him with his ongoing narrative of attacks on the Federal Bureau of Investigation for having - as he perceives it - a bias against him.

The president was back at it Monday morning, slamming the Federal Bureau of Investigation director he fired previous year - and admitted thinking of the Justice Department's Russian Federation election meddling probe in doing so - over his handling of the Hillary Clinton email case.

In his book, according to leaked excerpts, Comey wrote he might have subconsciously viewed her as the next president.

"I don't understand why the Justice Department hasn't reinvigorated or refocused resources on this, the way they have with this improper targeting of President Trump", he said. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and Comey's May 2017 testimony when he told Grassley that he had never been an anonymous source to the news media. The retired general pleaded guilty last December and is now co-operating with Mr Mueller's investigation. "That's up from 41 percent last June following Comey's admission under oath to a US Senate committee that he leaked memos of his private meetings with [President Donald] Trump as Federal Bureau of Investigation director to The New York Times through a friend", a press release summarizing the poll said.

Lack of candor, or knowingly providing false information, is a fireable offense at the F.B.I. "Just another of his many lies".