Wicked People Plundered The Country, Kept Nigerians Poor

  • Wicked People Plundered The Country, Kept Nigerians Poor

Wicked People Plundered The Country, Kept Nigerians Poor

President Buhari who is now observing his annual vacation in United Kingdom met with Tinubu in London, we could not verify the details of the meeting as at press time.

President Buhari has blamed those who he referred to as wicked people for stealing Nigeria's money and keeping the people poor.


He also thanked the Buhari Diaspora Support Organisation for deciding to identify with the country, "when you could have stayed here, and being comfortable". "I wonder how all those things could have happened to our country", the President said.

President Muhammadu Buhari will be the guest of US President Donald Trump at the White House on April 30.

According to Punch, he said "You met a hard situation, but you have overcome majority".

In his word, the coordinator said, "We are proud of the speed with which you recovered the abducted Dapchi schoolgirls". It shows you as a worthy general.

As for us in the repositioned PDP, we will continue to stand with Nigerians in their collective quest to end the APC misrule and return the nation to path of truth, national cohesion and economic prosperity, come 2019.

"The majority of Nigerians appreciate what we are doing, and that is why I am re-contesting, " President Buhari told the Archbishop.

President Buhari who came to power in 2015, announced last week Monday, that he plans to seek reelection in 2019.

"If you condemn Adebanjo for supporting GEJ then you must CRUCIFY Bola Tinubu for enthroning the divisive, corrupt, bloodthirsty and infernal catastrophy called Buhari", he wrote. "You are fixing the faulty foundations of our country and second term is when you will build the enduring structure". He kept mum as to whether Kwankwaso would once again challenge President Buhari to emerge flag bearer of the ruling All progressive congress (APC).

Mr. President should not forget to inform CHOGM that under his administration, more than 16 million Nigerians became unemployed, 18 million more became underemployed while another 27.44 million refused to work in 2016 for various reasons not unrelated to frustration in the polity.

"I am happy that people like ..."