UN Security council fails to adopt Russian resolution on Syria

  • UN Security council fails to adopt Russian resolution on Syria

UN Security council fails to adopt Russian resolution on Syria

" Russian Federation convenes an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss aggressive actions of the USA and its allies", President Vladimir Putin said in a statement published on the Kremlin website.

Russian Federation is one of Assad's last allies and has used its place as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to vote in ways that favor Assad.

By contrast, eight countries voted against the Russian draft - the US, UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Kuwait, Poland, and Ivory Coast.

After a crunch meeting with national security advisors Thursday, the White House said it had not yet decided how to retaliate to last week's suspected chemical attack which the U.S., France and Britain blame on Bashar Assad's regime.

Worldwide chemical weapons experts were travelling to Syria to investigate an alleged gas attack by government forces on the town of Douma which killed dozens of people. Russia views the military strikes against Syria as an act of aggression and a declaration of war on a sovereign state, Sherin said, according to Russian news agency Sputnik.

US Ambassador Nikki Haley told the council "there is clear information demonstrating Assad's culpability".

Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Syria's neighbour Turkey, said yesterday he had spoken by telephone with Mr Trump and Mr Putin, and told both that increasing tensions in the region was not right.

"When our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line, " Haley said. Konashenkov released statements by medics from Douma's hospital, who said a group of people toting video cameras entered the hospital, shouting that its patients were struck with chemical weapons, dousing them with water and causing panic.

Putin said the USA actions in Syria made the humanitarian catastrophe worse and caused pain for civilians. "We are open for those contacts, they help to understand each other better", Lavrov said.

Mr Vassily Nebenzia, Moscow's ambassador to the United Nations, said he "cannot exclude" war between the USA and Russian Federation.

While a full assessment has not yet been completed, "we believe that the action was successful", she said. "If we continue on this path, we will soon reach the diplomacy of the absurd". Syria blames Israel while Russian Federation insists that the chemical attack was staged. Nikki Haley, the USA ambassador to the United Nations, said Sunday that a new round of sanctions will target Russian companies that aid Syria's chemical weapons capabilities.

Russia's Nebenzia called it "a very sad day for the world, for the United Nations, for its Charter which was blatantly, blatantly violated, and for the Security Council which has shirked its responsibilities". France, the United Kingdom and the United States will brief allies on actions taken in Syria, the official said.

While insisting that the military action was a direct outcome of the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, May also alluded to the use of a nerve agent in the English city of Salisbury.

It seeks answers from Syria on gaps in its chemical weapons declaration to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.