Tory immigration minister clueless about Windrush deportations

  • Tory immigration minister clueless about Windrush deportations

Tory immigration minister clueless about Windrush deportations

Were they subject to immigration controls?

The government must do "a better job" in dealing with the Windrush generation facing deportation from the UK, Penny Mordaunt has said.

Satbir Singh, Chief Executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants told CNN, called on the government to ease the process for members of the Windrush generation who sought to regularize their immigration status. Until a new immigration law came into force in 1973, Commonwealth citizens and their children had the automatic right to live and work in the UK.

Interior minister Amber Rudd is set to announce a team to ensure no one will lose services or entitlements, and that if people apply for new documents, the usual fees will be waived, the BBC reported.

"I do not want of any of the Commonwealth citizens who are here legally to be impacted in the way they have and, frankly, some of the way they have been treated has been wrong, has been appalling, and I am sorry", Ms Rudd told parliament.

There is growing anger that long-term British residents have fallen victim to rule changes in 2012 aimed at stopping overstaying.

May's six-year tenure at the interior ministry was marked by a determination to reduce immigration numbers, something she has continued to emphasise as premier and in Brexit negotiations. Most of them, so called after the name of one of the first ships that arrived from Jamaica in 1948, are citizens of the United Kingdom and colonies, a type of citizenship conferred by the British Nationality Act of 1948.

Nearly half a million people left their homes in the West Indies to live in Britain between 1948 and 1970, according to Britain's National Archives.

Some British residents, some of whom moved to the United Kingdom from the Caribbean more than 50 years ago, have been threatened with deportation, while others have lost their jobs.

"It's disgraceful that the rights of the Windrush Generation have been brought into question by this government and that some have been wrongfully deported", said Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party.

But Number 10 said that the PM only became aware of the request this morning and hoped to meet as many of them as possible this week, while they are in London for the Commonwealth summit.

Mrs May is to meet her counterparts from Caribbean states in the margins of the Commonwealth summit in London on Tuesday amid growing anger about individuals facing the threat of deportation and being denied access to healthcare due to United Kingdom paperwork issues.

Mrs May's official spokesman said the PM was clear that nobody with a right to be in the United Kingdom would be made to leave.

Mrs May's official spokesman said the Prime Minister "deeply values" the contribution made by Commonwealth citizens in the United Kingdom, and was "clear that no-one with the right to be here will be made to leave".

An online petition calling for an amnesty for those who arrived in Britain from Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean as children, and a lowering of the level of documentary proof required from people who have lived here since they were children, has now attracted more than 136,000 signatures. "The government needs to make a clear guarantee that people seeking clarification of their status should have their rights guaranteed while they are doing so", he said.