'The Walking Dead' finale mercifully brings Negan war to an end

  • 'The Walking Dead' finale mercifully brings Negan war to an end

'The Walking Dead' finale mercifully brings Negan war to an end

Season 8 of The Walking Dead ended Sunday night with the zombie-apocalypse drama's two warring factions facing off in a field.

But the Rick vs Negan showdown was much more of a head scratcher. After Negan counts down from three, the Saviors surround Rick and open fire. Ever since Negan played eenie-meenie-miney-mo with Abraham and Glenn's lives, there's been the promise that Rick is eventually going to kill Negan - or at least fail in the attempt.

Maggie and Alden are totally going to hook up, right? As Negan was starting to listen, Rick reached out and slashed his throat with a piece of broken glass, wounding, but not killing him.

The all-out war with Negan is finally over. "Look what you did - Carl didn't know a damn thing".

Despite the departure of Morgan to join "Fear the Walking Dead", the show must do relatively little reloading, a challenge it has regularly faced (and one of the things that has kept the narrative fresh), sometimes with uneven results.

When it comes to Negan, I'm with Maggie: he should have died.

While Rick may think everything will be just dandy with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's villain in jail, a few of his best friends have something else in mind. "I hope that they are intrigued with these new characters, that they want to know more about them and they really like the way that they see the OGs interact with Morgan, who is an OG himself, and the new characters".

As one would expect, Maggie was furious over the decision. Morgan went and visited Jadis as well, offering her an opportunity to return to the community if she so chose.

I'll admit that I didn't see Eugene's betrayal of the Saviours coming, but the Oceanside gals did turn up, just as I predicted last week, throwing Molotovs at the Saviours and managing not to burn the Hilltop to the ground. This is the kind of emotional intra-community conflict that we haven't really seen since Shane, and which the show has been sorely lacking.

Rick hasn't been the greatest leader, it's true, but if Gimple and company think the way to win back fans is a survivor mutiny I think there's trouble ahead for more people than Rick. The biggest moment, of course, being Rick Grimes sparing Negan's life and taking him as a prisoner to rot for the rest of his life.

Carl was also name-checked during Rick's hand-to-hand combat with Negan.

Obviously, "The Walking Dead" is too much of a cash cow for AMC to part with the show blithely, but at this point, it wouldn't be insane to start contemplating an end game, one that would allow viewers to follow Rick's story, at least, toward some sort of natural conclusion.

"Rick was wrong to do what he did".

But first, just how did season 8 wrap up? But only time will tell if Maggie will feel the same in the future. Rick repeated Carl's vision for the future as he and Negan stared deep into each other's eyes and stood uncomfortably close. So when Rick made it clear that he wanted Negan to live, Maggie's only natural response was to scream in distress and disbelief. Considering the death count this season (we're looking at you Carl), fans were really anxious about whether any of their favorites would die. "We're going to bide our time, wait for our moment and then we're going to show him", Maggie tells Jesus and Daryl.