Millions of eggs recalled due to health concerns

  • Millions of eggs recalled due to health concerns

Millions of eggs recalled due to health concerns

"After learning that all of the people who became ill ate eggs or egg dishes, the FDA was able to trace back the source of some of the eggs to the Rose Acre Farms' Hyde County farm", the news release reads. Twenty-two illnesses have been reported. The Julian date - or lot codes - have a range of 011 through date of 102 printed on either the side portion or the principal side of the carton or package.

If you love eggs from your head to your legs, make sure you check to see if the eggs in your refrigerator are on this recall list. The FDA has since inspected the farm.

More than 200 million eggs were recalled by an IN farm operation after a report of 22 illnesses IN connection with a salmonella outbreak.

"The Hyde County farm has never before experienced a recall or serious safety violation", Rose Acre Farms said in an email.

Meanwhile, the FDA has reportedly urged consumers to check their purchases and avoid eating eggs that might be contaminated.

FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb tweeted that the eggs had been sold in nine states "under multiple brand names"-including Great Value, Country Daybreak, Food Lion, Crystal Farms, and Sunshine Farms-and warned consumers not to eat the eggs if they come across them". The step was taken after 22 reported cases of salmonella infections were reported.

Children below 5 years old, older adults, and individuals with a weakened immune system are more likely to experience severe illness from Salmonella infection. After a couple of weeks, the FDA says it, and the CDC and state agencies were able to identify the source of the eggs connected to the outbreak. It is generally contracted from contaminated poultry, meat, eggs and water, and affects the intestinal tract.