Gov. Bevin: "I apologize" to those hurt by comments

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Gov. Bevin: "I apologize" to those hurt by comments

And after watching the video Sunday, she stated, "Severely?" "We're not going to get exhausted". The pension bill passed by the Kentucky legislature moves new hires onto a hybrid pension plan and would not protect them from future changes to the system. But Friday, teachers cheered as Republicans voted to override Gov. Matt Bevin's vetoes.

At least 39 school districts in Kentucky had shut down on Friday as teachers traveled to the Capitol asking legislators to override Bevin's veto of state budget and tax reform bills.

Expressing concern for schoolchildren who were unable to attend school on Friday because of the strike, Bevin said: "I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them".

"You know how many hundreds of thousands of children today were left home alone?"

"Many people have been confused or hurt or just misunderstand what it was that I was trying to communicate", Bevin said. While neither bill was flawless for the citizens of the Commonwealth, these overrides end the uncertainty around funding for Kentucky schools and ensure that critical education programs throughout the Commonwealth will remain funded and available for students.

On Sunday, Bevin said many people misunderstood his comments.

While speaking with reporters in Frankfort Friday, Bevin claimed that teachers who called in sick to protest put the children's lives in danger. Crosby Stills, Nash and Young's hit "Teach Your Children" bellowed from the loud speakers.

"I don't want to be out of my classroom".

Bevin on Sunday in a social media post on Facebook apologized if his comments hurt anyone.

The governor making these comments moments after both the house and senate voted to override the governor's Vetoes of the tax bill and budget.

You can stand here all day and act like you are all for (education) until it comes time to pay for it.

Bevin said he has several family members who are public school teachers and said the issue is "near and dear" to him. They said the tax increase disproportionately harms the poor while benefiting the wealthy. He vowed to call a special session "to pass a transparent and properly balanced budget" in a separate tweet.

Telephone messages left with spokesmen Kentucky House Republicans and the Kentucky Education Association weren't immediately returned Sunday.

Bevin followed the debate closely, responding to lawmakers' speeches with tweets. "That's my responsibility, it truly is", he said.

The National Education Association ( is the nation's largest professional employee organization, representing more than 3 million elementary and secondary teachers, higher education faculty, education support professionals, school administrators, retired educators and students preparing to become teachers. West Virginia teachers walked out for nine days, forcing a 5 percent pay increase in March.