Watch Beyonce's Full Set at Coachella 2018

  • Watch Beyonce's Full Set at Coachella 2018

Watch Beyonce's Full Set at Coachella 2018

After all, it is not for nothing that the beauty is known as Queen Bey by her fans. Beyonce appeared at the top of the structure wearing a yellow college sorority top, butt-cheek-baring Daisy Duke denim shorts and knee-high white furry boots, and, after pausing to soak in one of her biggest crowds ever, she kicked off her set with insane in Love and Formation.

The 36-year-old singer also sent festivalgoers into a frenzy when she brought out Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a Destiny's Child reunion.

She shared the stage with over 100 dancers and a brass marching band for the expertly choreographed set.

Beyonce's headlining set at the first iteration of this year's Coachella was nothing short of a well-oiled, carefully-executed party.

It was an epic and stylish display of female empowerment that had jaws on the floor - but honestly, we expected no less.

The "Someone Like You" singer was quite literally dancing around her living room in glee as her hero headlined the United States festival - and there's videos to prove it.

Beyonce became the very Very First woman of color to headline Coachella on Saturday.

Plenty of wardrobe changes, thematic elements and surprise appearances is all everyone expected of Beyonce as she launched into her biggest performance since giving birth. The trio performed their hits like 'Lose My Breath, ' 'Say My Name, ' and 'Soldier'.

Beyonce will be back next week for week two of Coachella. But this explosive more than made up for her fans. Our favourite artist is performing on TV so we get off the couch, grab the closest can of deodorant to use as a microphone, start singing and start mimicking the dance moves we see on screen.

Her loyal Beyhive pointed out the other history-making accomplishments that resulted from her Coachella set. "I hope y'all enjoyed the show".