Russia likely to call United Nations meeting over Syria attack - Russian lawmaker

  • Russia likely to call United Nations meeting over Syria attack - Russian lawmaker

Russia likely to call United Nations meeting over Syria attack - Russian lawmaker

Pentagon analysis backs up President Donald Trump's statement that Friday night's missile strikes on Syrian chemical weapons facilities were a success.

"A short time ago, I ordered the U.S. Armed Forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad", the president said from the White House.

While Syria tried to pre-empt the press conference by publicly claiming that Syrian air defenses shot down 71 of 103 missiles, McKenzie said: "No Syrian weapon had any effect on anything we did", and that the U.S.

Trump launched a military strike against the Syrian regime almost one year ago targeting a government airbase also in response to a chemical weapons attack that killed civilians.

Trump praised Western air strikes against the Syrian government on Saturday as "perfectly executed", and added "Mission Accomplished".

President Donald Trump on Saturday praised the USA military, the United Kingdom, and France for a series of military strikes on Syria that were carried out late Friday.

The United States, Britain and France have argued that military action was necessary after Assad's forces had used toxic gases multiple times in violation of global law.

Taking to Twitter, the US President told the country that they "could not have had a better result" and said it was "Mission Accomplished!" - the same phrase George W Bush used after his invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The statement concluded that the United States, which it said has amassed the most chemical weapons of any country, has "no moral right to blame other countries".

"Moreover, the air defenses in Syria destroyed most of the missiles".

"The use of chemical weapons is abhorrent". We hit the sites, the heart of the chemical weapons program.

Asked about the president's tweet on Saturday, Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said that the joint forces had "met our objective".

On Saturday, McKenzie said the three allies' ships and aircraft in the Red Sea, northern Arabian Gulf and the eastern Mediterranean launched 105 missiles and hit all of their targets at around 4 a.m. Four RAF Tornado jets, operating from Akrotiri, Cyprus, each delivered a "Storm Shadow" missile at a target 15 miles west of Homs. One is the USA desires to punish the Syrian government and its allies for dislodging the rebels from the Eastern Ghouta countryside of Damascus who have been formed and financed by regional powers allied with the U.S. "It is not about regime change", said Theresa May, Britain's prime minister.

"This is not about intervening in a civil war". That attack, [Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White says], hit a Syrian military air base and was meant to focus on Syria's ability to deliver chemical weapons.

Trump had also grown exasperated with Russian Federation for doing nothing to stop the Syrian government from using the weapons.

"Together, we have send a clear message to Assad and his murderous lieutenants that they should not perpetrate another chemical weapons attack for which they will be held accountable".